15 Minutes of Peace & Compassion

dove of peace

Collective prayer at 12pm Sunday 15th November, from wherever you are at that time.


If you are praying for the people of Paris from an emotional expression of hate or fear, your prayers will have little impact except to add hate and fear to the mix. Thoughts and wishes for peace are an excellent starting point but if your emotions are not in alignment with the intention, you will actually be transmitting your anger and fear into the world.

Prayer is meditation. Here’s how to pray for peace:

Sit for 5 minutes and simply focus on breath. This helps the mind to slow down. You don’t have to quieten the mind completely.

Think about what it is like when you feel peaceful, safe, loved, blessed, grateful, calm or secure. Keep focusing on that thought until you notice the emotions in your body, especially in the heart-field. It helps if you put a smile on your face as the smile releases positive chemicals into the brain. Imagine your heart filling up with love and compassion – keep it really generalised to avoid knocking your thoughts off balance.

Now imagine transmitting that feeling to the area of the world you want to soothe. (I imagine a giant heart releasing birds of peace that fly off to their destination). It is really important for the heart/emotion coherence that you keep thoughts away from your opinion of atrocity otherwise your prayer will be tarnished. If you want the world to be peaceful you can start with being peace.

Prayers/meditations become more powerful when groups gather together at the same time with the same intent, so maybe you would like to form a Peace Meditation Group. 15 minutes a time is plenty of time to make a difference. I will be meditating for peace at 12 midday Sunday 15th November. Join me by simply taking the time to transmit untarnished love and compassion into the world from wherever you happen to be. Create it, feel it, be it, give it.

Love and peace


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