A New Direction for 2017?

Time For Change?

15 years ago I was in a slump. An uninspiring stressful job, kids flown the nest, my life felt flat and dull. At the age of 45 I had a heart-sinking suspicion that life might not have any more surprises in store for me. This is a common story for lots of men and women at different times of life and most of us really don’t want to settle for it.

My change came when I signed up for a weekend workshop in Hypnosis. I had never been at all interested in hypnosis, I was ‘just looking for something to do’. Two days of learning how to use hypnosis to help myself and others and I was feeling a mild stirring of inspiration. Throwing caution and boredom to the wind, I signed up for the full training in Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy – a really smart move as it turns out because it changed my feelings, my career and my life.  In fact, it changed me!

My tutor on this course was Jill Wootton, an inspirational and deeply knowledgeable trainer who continues to provide the most comprehensive, leading edge career training that I have ever encountered. Over the last 10 years, since I have been teaching my own Life Coaching course, I have referred a number of my students to Jill’s training and I am always thrilled to hear how it has inspired them to change their lives. Here’s an email from Sam, who (along with her friend) recently graduated with Jill ……

Dear Mary, I just wanted to let you know that we have both passed the Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Diploma course and are now qualified!  Yay!

Thank you so much for recommending Jill’s course to us.  It is a brilliant course and having the practical assessments has been an invaluable aspect of it which I don’t think many (if any) other courses offer.  It has been amazing to continue the journey which we started with you less than a year ago!  We have both changed and grown so much during this time and I just wanted to thank you for beginning that wonderful journey with us and then directing us to Jill.  It has changed both our lives.

Why am I telling you all this? Because the 2017 Professional Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Training starts in February and if anyone reading this is looking for a new direction, it’s just possible that this is what you are looking for.(Linked below). This is a fully accredited training taking place in 2017 over 10 weekends in Brighton, East Sussex.

If you are curious, check the webpage via the link below. If you have questions, give Jill a call on 01273 738663 (and tell her I sent you). Before you start telling yourself that you wouldn’t be good enough, CHECK THE WEBSITE.  Courses like this change people’s lives. Even if you never set up in practice you will have gained so much from attending the training, I guarantee you will feel more empowered.

Within Sight Professional Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy Training

You can also read a testimonial from Sara, another of my former Life Coaching students….

I never intended to do a diploma in psychotherapy and hypnotherapy so in many ways I had no expectations. It was a personal commitment to myself to do something that I was interested in. Having done the Life Coaching course with Mary Condell, I really enjoyed using my brain to learn about material that wasn’t related to my job per say. I knew I didn’t want to be in HR forever so in doing the diploma, I felt it would give me choices later in life. However within a very short period of time I was hooked! I found every aspect of it fascinating and my attention was captured from the word go. A major factor in the latter was Jill. Jill is truly an inspirational trainer, highly qualified, intuitive and with such an amazing energy. Jill makes the diploma what it is. I feel like I have found my calling and the fact I can now set up as a psychotherapist is beyond words. The diploma has been far more than a qualification to me it has been a life changing journey.

Finally, please do share this via your network of friends – you never know, it might change someone’s life!

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