• COVID-19 Latest and simplest Information
    Plus, Your Safety First – My Current C-19 precautionary measures
    It seems that everyone is talking about Coronavirus Covid-19 and […]


    So many people tell me that they feel as though they have lost the ability to relax properly.  They do the things that should feel relaxing but just cannot turn off the high energy experience.

    This i […]

  • Time For Change?
    15 years ago I was in a slump. An uninspiring stressful job, kids flown the nest, my life felt flat and dull. At the age of 45 I had a heart-sinking suspicion that life might not have any more […]

  • Hi Everyone,

    On the subject of another new year, it’s hard not to take a brief moment to make a half hearted suggestion to ourselves that perhaps a tiny little change in life-style might be a helpful way forward. […]

  • “Anxiety is misdirected attention” – Morita
    When you can direct your attention skilfully anxiety evaporates

    Your mind is a constant flow of thoughts. Those thoughts are a mixed bag of opinions, judgements, […]

  • Mary_admin wrote a new post 8 years ago

    Collective prayer at 12pm Sunday 15th November, from wherever you are at that time.

    If you are praying for the people of Paris from an emotional expression of hate or fear, your prayers will have little […]

  • Do you know what it’s like to wake in the morning and feel on purpose? A feeling that the way you are about to engage with your day is chosen by you, brings satisfaction and fulfilment on a regular basis? Do y […]

  • At the beginning of every year most of us tend to think about changes that we would like to experience over the coming year.  New Year resolutions are often driven by dissatisfaction with weight, health or l […]

  • This is an interesting exercise:

    Tune in to your current thought (or train of thoughts). How are you feeling as a result of that thought?
    If you are feeling good, content, pleased, excited or have any other […]

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    js.src = “//connect.facebook.net/en_US/all.js#xfbml=1”; […]

  • Hi!

    Maybe in this moment, you are caught up in an issue that is occupying your attention and disturbing your state of well being.

    Well, we can’t always change what is happening in our lives, but we can take a […]


    It is widely believed that people need willpower to manage or restrain impulses or to resist temptations. This is only true if they have not made the correct association with the desire for success and […]

  • For some people, the launch of Mental Health Awareness week (23-30 May 2012) is about an awareness of the difficulties and experiences of other people; those who may be suffering from serious mental health issues, […]

  • This week I attended the funeral of a youngish man who, although had not really treated his body as a temple, was still too young to have shuffled off his mortal coil.  Funerals generally provide moments for […]

  • Is it true to say that the most important thing for all of us, is to be able to feel as good as we can in every given moment?
    Think about it. The material things that we desire, the experiences that we dream of […]

  • People talk about how easily their buttons can get pushed, particularly when they are feeling challenged or stressed.  What this generally means is that they are aware that there are situations or people that can […]

  • Past Life Regression      
    Current Life Regression

    As a hypnotherapist, I am occasionally asked about past life regression treatments and questioned about the validity of the concept of being able to access […]