Another New Year

Hi Everyone,

On the subject of another new year, it’s hard not to take a brief moment to make a half hearted suggestion to ourselves that perhaps a tiny little change in life-style might be a helpful way forward. For 61% of the population, that thought will come and go virtually unnoticed. However, if you are one of the 39% who might be making a stronger resolve, I have something for you.

Most of the changes that people would like to make are related to health or lifestyle. In my experience of working with people who want to make changes, one of the fundamental reasons why it eventually becomes hard to maintain their goal is that they haven’t fine-tuned their motivation at the start. So, if your current reason to eat well is so that you look good or if you are embarking on a year without cigarettes or alcohol with a ‘deprivation’ mind-set, take a look at this movie. This really is a great time of year to take 18 minutes out of your day to remind yourself that you love your body, that your health is important and that it’s foolish to wait until you are ill before you make changes.

Dr. Terry Wahls – Minding Your Mitochondria

Although the TED Talk relates specifically to diet, let me throw in these titbits:

  • Mitochondria are the organelles inside the cells of your body responsible for the production of molecules that power the body’s natural processes = your health, vitality and brain power.
  • Cigarettes weaken the mitochondrial membrane. Stop smoking.
  • Alcohol affects the liver’s circadian clock, resulting in damage to the mitochondria. (Small amounts taken irregularly are fine).
  • Exercise increases the number of mitochondria thereby improving your body’s ability to produce energy. Not just the energy to get up and go but also the energy that your organs need in order to maintain health.
  • Reduced mitochondrial health results in premature aging (both inside and outside your body).

Don’t wait until you are fighting disease, build your health now. If you need help, give me a call.

I wish for all of you (and me) an excellent 2017 filled with optimism, energy, love peace and vitality.

Happy New Year!


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