COVID-19 Latest Information

COVID-19 Latest and simplest Information

Plus, Your Safety First – My Current C-19 precautionary measures

It seems that everyone is talking about Coronavirus Covid-19 and with so much uncertainty around, understandably there is a lot of accompanying fear and anxiety.  Those of us with elderly  or vulnerable relatives want to ensure that they are kept safe and well. Students are concerned about how imposed closures will affect studies and exams. Business owners don’t yet know how they will manage the massive drop in customer presence and the resulting loss of income.  Almost everyone is vulnerable to the anxiety of uncertainty.

Reducing Anxiety

Whilst there is so much ‘unknown’ that is creating real areas for concern, it is important to make sure that we aren’t adding to it unnecessarily.  It is understandable that we want to know as much as possible but this can result in an unhealthy saturation of catastrophising and misinformation.

  1. Make sure that you are gathering information from reliable authoritative sources rather than reading and believing everything that is being pumped out on Google or Social Media.
  2. Take breaks from the news and engage your mind in other, more enriching things.
  3. Look after yourself and others to reduce the risk of infection.  Drink lots of water, take immune supporting supplements and reduce your intake of things that undermine immunity, like denatured foods alcohol and refined sugars.

What we know is that this virus can survive on hard surfaces better than fabric.  The most practical and helpful information is already out there and being repeated over and over. Wash your hands, use and dispose of tissues, avoid crowds if you don’t have to be there and if you have concerns about your own health, self-isolate.  If you have elderly neighbours who might need reassurance and support, check in with them and let them know you care.

Business As Usual

Many of my clients who are still attending for existing appointments and people making new enquiries have been asking me about my work plans during this current situation.

COVID-19 information for clients.

I intend to continue working ‘business as usual’. It is important for all that we all follow sensible precautionary measures; your health and safety matter to me.

As reassurance to those who are coming to my office, be aware that I am wiping all surfaces that will have been previously touched by the last caller (door-bell, door handles, toilet flush and therapy chair). A clean towel is put in the bathroom after each client though wipes are also available if you prefer. All glasses are fresh from the high temperature of the dish washer. For those clients who like to use a blanket, a clean one is available for every appointment and all are washed at the end of the day.

These measures are in place as a result of best information about how the virus is spread.

I ask all clients to follow the current recommended hygeine guidelines (hand washing and using disposable tissues) in consideration of others.

Online Appointments

All things considered I don’t see any reason to change the way that I work one to one with clients but if you are at all concerned about attending your appointment, please be aware that Skype or Facetime appointments are also available.  If you would like to have an online taster appointment to see how that can work for you, give me a call and we can set it up free of charge.

Stay well.

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