Deep Parasympathetic Relaxation Treatment


So many people tell me that they feel as though they have lost the ability to relax properly.  They do the things that should feel relaxing but just cannot turn off the high energy experience.

This is why people choose to have a simple but effective Deep Parasympathetic Relaxation (DPR) treatment in my clinic.

21st century living has many of us living in an ongoing state of high alert or arousal as we all do our best to cope with the fast pace of life and the number of things on the list for each day.

When reading, only read. When eating, only eat. When thinking, only think. –

Korean Zen Master Seung Sahn


Many of my clients ask for help to manage high stress and anxiety. In addition to the Hypnotherapy & Psychotherapy part of the treatment, we include daily practices that will help to sustain greater emotional balance.  Typically they find it quite easy to do those personal tasks for a while but often, as time passes, life’s challenges and pressures take over and many of the healthy new habits get forgotten. When healthy practice falls by the wayside, stress levels rise again and the original emotional or psychological discomfort returns, like a bad penny.

This is why I have re-introduced the very popular ‘Deep Parasympathetic Relaxation’ treatment as a limited purchase offer until 1st November 2019.  This treatment offers a more cost-effective and time-effective way of regularly supporting your health, your mind and general sense of well-being.

How it works –  You will have 20 minutes talk time to voice thoughts and feelings and set the intention for the outcome.  40 minutes devoted to a deep relaxation & guided visualisation, specifically tailored to your needs.

The Benefits – DPR Treatment will switch off those harmful stress signals that are undermining your sense of well-being.

Stress hormones put your physical body into emergency mode. Even when the adrenal surge has passed, that hormone will stay in circulation for at least an hour.  DPR helps to speed up your recovery and improve your overall health.

Adrenaline is the ‘fight or flight’ hormone and its job after being quickly circulated around the body is to bind to hormone receptor sites in various organs, creating immediate changes that will facilitate fighting or running. Your physical body always responds to it as a stress response. You are in survival mode.  Like it or hate it, the adrenal rush is not at all good for the body if regularly sustained.

  • Lungs breathe faster
  • Heart beats faster.
  • Liver cells work hard to create more immediate energy.
  • Blood vessels narrow
  • Blood pressure increases so that adrenaline can be fast-tracked to the large muscles of the body, often resulting in agitation of large leg muscles
  • Pancreas inhibits the production of insulin.
  • Poor sleep quality.
  • Vital functions are diminished until the ‘stress’ is over (digestion, reproduction, immune system function, growth and repair hormones, etc.).
  • Optimum brain function is limited; reduced concentration, poor memory, lack of clarity, indecisiveness or confusion.
  • Reduced creativity.

Relax vs Deep Relax – Many of the activities or practices that people do in order to relax are less physically or psychologically relaxing than you might imagine. That’s not to say that you shouldn’t ‘relax’ in front of a movie, or socialise, or play sport because recreational activities are undoubtedly desirably beneficial.  The parasympathetic deep relaxation response takes it to another healthy level entirely, really assisting to alleviate stress, anxiety and exhaustion.  It also offers huge benefits to your immune system.

5 One Hour Sessions – £200 (£40 per session)  a saving of £200

6 One Hour Sessions – £231 (£38.50 per session)  a saving of £249

10 One Hour Session – £370 (£37 per session)  a saving of £430

This is a massive saving off the cost of Psychotherapy & Hypnotherapy appointments. The package of 5, 6 or 10 is paid for and appointments allocated in the diary on a weekly or bi-monthly basis. This ensures your regular commitment to yourself and affords greater opportunity to maximise the potential of embedding new, healthy habits.  You will be amazed to feel the real difference it will make to your ability to feel relaxed and calm in the face of the chaos.

To book your DPR treatment, telephone 01273 500136 or 07818276017.  Alternatively you can use the contact page or email


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