Are You Looking for a Life Coach?

People look for a Life Coach when they want help to move forward. Some people are stuck in indecision, others seek a Life Coach to help them discover and actualise the possibilites ahead.

Do You Need a Life Coach?

Do you know what you want to change about yourself or your life? Are you clear how you want things to be when that change happens. I hope that this page will help you with that.  Who is your future self?

What is a Life Coach anyway?

A Life Coach is someone who knows how to help others to understand and to apply crucial skills into the often chaotic structure of 21st century living. A good Life Coach is also an effective psychologist and compassionate therapist when needed.  Your Life Coach offers another pair of eyes and takes a different perspective to see your situation without any fears or emotional tags, therefore can offer a sharper view.

Good Life Coaching – What’s In It for Me?

Life Coaching offers you an impartial supporter so that you can safely explore possibilities.  Friends and family can sometimes be a wonderful sounding board but there are times when it is difficult for them to be impartial.  Maybe you are in a situation where it is not easy to talk to the people that you know.  As your life coach, I’m on your side, with non-judgemental respect for any thoughts and ideas you may have and able to help you create a clearer picture and set strategies for the all important ingredient… ACTION.

We Work As a Team

You are always in charge of the direction, your Life Coach is your guide. Together we identify obstacles that are preventing you from achieving your goals and we find ways to overcome them.  Sometimes this could involve using my therapeutic skills such as NLP or Hypnosis to gently help you to push through the fears or unhelpful beliefs that hold you back.  Your success is my goal.

Meaning, Purpose and Satisfaction with Life Coaching

Do you have moments when you ask yourself “what’s it all for… what is my point?”  Do you feel that you’ve lost your way a little?  We get so caught up in the day to day workings of life that we can end up feeling disconnected from a sense of purpose or meaning, as we just try to maintain the status quo.  The need for a sense of meaning, purpose and satisfaction is fundamental to well-being. These are your Basic Emotional Needs.

Life Coaching Gets You Back on Track

When life has become devoid of getting important needs met, a person can experience emotional difficulties like stress, anxiety, procrastination, powerlessness or frustration.  Life Coaching can help you to find your way back on track. As your Life Coach I offer you the necessary time and space to look at your life and create meaningful strategies for change.

Your personalised life coaching program gives you the all-important support to help you stay on track with your tasks and goals. This coaching plan will explore solutions and possibilities in many areas such as:

  • Health
  • Finances
  • Work
  • Mid-life direction
  • Relationships
  • Social life
  • and much more.


How does it work?

Sessions can be face to face in my office in Brighton or held via skype or phone.  21st Century living offers us the technological flexibility so that you don’t have to find a local Life Coach, just find the right Life Coach.

The initial session discusses your needs and your goals.  Together we develop strategies to get you moving in the right direction.

Follow-up work takes place as frequently as you like.  Some people like to have daily sessions at first, others prefer weekly or monthly.  This is to ensure that you have the right support to keep you motivated for your goals.  You are always in charge so at any point you can decide to alter the frequency of the sessions. It’s up to you.

How to get started.

It couldn’t be easier.  Just contact me to talk about your needs.  Don’t worry if you are not too clear about what those needs are – this is something that I will help you to discover. You can have a free 20 minute chat with me to see if I am the right Life Coach for you.

I’m looking forward to hearing from you..   Meanwhile, here’s My Post on Procrastination

Call Me now to Discuss Your Needs and Select Your Personalised Coaching Program.






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