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As a hypnotherapist, I am occasionally asked about past life regression treatments and questioned about the validity of the concept of being able to access past lives using hypnosis.

I have never advertised regression as being part of my professional repertoire though it does occasionally happen that during hypnosis, clients will find themselves experiencing feelings and sensory experiences that do not directly relate to their current life experience.

So, are they uncovering past life experiences? I can’t answer that question and I believe it is irresponsible to state categorically that we are able to regress back in time to a life we have definitely led before. It is a very personal matter. I have met people for whom their regression experience has resonated on a very deep level and they are convinced. Others are simply curious about the hypnotic experience they have had and find it relevant and helpful to their current life situation.

My personal position is that I do not know if we live other lives and if we do, if it is possible to gain access to memories and experiences that precede our birth. My belief is that we are eternal beings, so I am open-minded. I also believe that it doesn’t matter what I believe when working with a client in this way; the client’s belief is more relevant.

So, can regression therapy be helpful or is it just a curiosity? Well, I guess it depends how you measure ‘helpful’? The people who seem to benefit from it the most are those who are working through something in this lifetime. When a person goes into a neutral state, it allows the mind to seek and present a useful experience, whether that is a real event from some time in the past, or a helpful dreamlike experience. The mind has a wonderful way of working with metaphors to reframe current difficulties or to deliver clarity and understanding.

People who are simply curious about it may find it fun or interesting, though are less likely to find it helpful.

As a psychotherapist, it occurs to me that taking a therapeutic journey to another lifetime (whether it is real or not) helps a person to get distance or dissociate from current difficulties. With the right guidance from a professional therapist, regression can help to change old patterns and gain new perspectives, or it can help to put the past to rest.

What does it feel like? Well, contrary to the expectations of some, it is not like being teleported into another sentient existence. It is more like being in a deep daydream.

Is it risky? It’s worth bearing in mind that ‘memory’ is a very slippery thing and can be highly influenced by words, stories and emotions. Do you ever get confused about what is a real memory and what is a childhood story that you’ve heard many times over? When you are feeling low, are you less likely to be drawn to resourceful memories? In my view, this is why regression (‘this life’ or ‘past life’) should only be conducted by a trained psychological therapist. In the hands of a competent therapist who has an understanding of the client and of how the mind works, it is a safe procedure.

It is also important that the therapist has a neutral view in order to avoid unintentionally leading the client. Any therapist who has a vested interest (consciously or unconsciously) in the client having an interesting or profound regression experience may inadvertently lead them in that direction. This is relatively harmless if the memory is benign. However, if the memory is difficult or traumatic, the process is harmful, especially if the therapist is not psychologically trained to handle the fallout.

If you are considering having regression therapy, ask yourself why you want to do it and consider how you will know that it has been helpful or useful to you.

As part of my training, I have had my own experience of regression. I knew that I was in safe hands. What I experienced was helpful. Was it a past life? I have no idea.

If you are interested in exploring the therapeutic use of regression, please contact me for a chat. Please be aware that I do not currently hold any belief that we can access any past lives that we may or may not have had. I am simply curious and am happy to support you in your own voyage of discovery.

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