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Have you ever noticed that confidence is only ever an issue if you haven’t got it! Many people feel as though they can’t make progress in life because they don’t have enough confidence or self belief.

It’s quite common for people to feel that they could do with a bit more confidence, but there are some for whom low confidence is quite unbearable.

Strategic Goal Focused Therapy, combined with Hypnosis can help you to make the most of your potential, improving your self-esteem and encouraging you to set achievable goals.

When you are more confident, what will be different? What will you be doing then, that you are not doing now?

Sometimes, it’s just a one-off event that feels challenging, for example interviews, public speaking or a driving test.  Having a session to help you relax enough to feel more confident in those situations can be really helpful.


Just to say I’ve just had the job interview and felt very calm and relaxed which is just the result I wanted and I’m sure your tips helped me, so thanks again. Will let you know if I get it! ”   H.N. – Brighton

You can call and talk to me about how therapy can help you to overcome anxiety before you make an appointment, I will be happy to tell you more about what to expect – 01273 500136

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