When couples decide that they would like to start a family, getting pregnant becomes a sensitive issue, especially if it seems to be taking a long time. No treatment or therapy can ever guarantee a successful outcome.

However, if ovulation tests and sperm count indicate that there is no reason why you have not conceived, hypnotherapy can be very helpful.

I have treated 6 clients who have been trying to conceive; 4 of them became pregnant within 4 months of treatment.* Consider these case histories:-

Case history 1:

When Susan and her husband Mike decided to try for another baby, they naturally hoped to conceive fairly quickly. As each month went by without results, Susan began to get tense and upset and her stress began to impact on her life and her relationships.

Susan’s doctor had confirmed that there was no reason why she should not conceive so, looking for other avenues of help, she chose Hypnotherapy.

After only one session Susan noticed profound changes in the way she was feeling about her situation and within weeks was confirmed as being pregnant.

Mike noticed the changes straight away. “When Susan came back from the session she seemed so calm and relaxed – it was like getting the old Susan back, she was much happier”.

After her hypnotic session, Susan was able to broaden her focus away from her desire to get pregnant and give as much attention to other areas of her life; she felt much more relaxed and at ease with the idea that ‘it will happen in it’s own time’.

Of course, there is no real way of knowing if hypnotherapy is responsible for Susan getting pregnant, it may have happened anyway. What is measurable about her treatment is the difference in the way she felt afterwards and the changes that were noticed by those closest to her. There’s no doubt that hypnosis helped to remove the stress from the situation and lower the emotional impact it was having on Susan.

Helping a woman to be relaxed and calm and teaching her how to maintain those feelings, goes a long way towards creating the right biological environment for conception. These things alongside attention to nutrition and general health have helped to optimize their chances of having the baby they longed for.

Case history 2:

Diana was trying to conceive by artificial insemination. Due to the expense of the treatment, she knew that she would only be able to afford 2 attempts and wanted to maximize her chances of conception. She had already taken good advice on nutrition and general health when she came for hypnotherapy and after 2 sessions she had the insemination. Diana conceived on the second attempt.

Hypnotherapy is not able to help in cases where the couple are infertile. You should consult your GP for advice on infertility treatment.

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