Weight Loss

Could You Lose Weight with Hypnosis, Psychotherapy and EFT?*

Many people who embark on a diet, set out with a view of it being a time of deprivation.
“I can’t have this… I can’t have that”

So, before they have even started it is a mental state that is going against what they believe they want to do.  If it’s a deprivation state of mind it means “I want to eat the cake/chocolate/chips.. but I mustn’t”. Then, if they reach their target weight, they go back to those foods that they believe they want, often gaining more weight than was lost.

What would it be like to not want those foods?
What would it be like to be your ideal weight?
What would it be like to look forward to and appreciate eating for health and vitality?
What would it be like to never deprive yourself again?

How does it work?

Brief psychotherapy helps you to understand more about your pattern, whether it is emotional eating, boredom eating, binge eating, comfort eating, addictive eating or simply poor education and bad habits.*
Hypnotherapy helps to change your beliefs about eating and helps you to form a more beneficial view of weight, of food and of yourself.*

Therapy will help you to set achievable goals and realistic timescales.
Therapy will help you to look at conscious and unconscious obstacles to weight loss and give you strategies to overcome them.*

You will learn about healthy eating
You will learn about cravings and how to stop them

Hypnotherapy is a natural approach to re-educating your eating habits.

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