Self Esteem

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Self-esteem and confidence often feel as though they go hand in hand and that you can’t have one without the other and in many respects that is true.

However, consider these questions:

Can a person with low self-esteem feel confident in certain situations?

Can a person with good self-esteem lack the confidence to do something in particular?

Have you noticed that your levels of self-esteem are not always the same?  Have you ever noticed that there are some days that are better than others, even if only a little?

The level of self-esteem that you have is the driving power in your life; it influences your perceptions and interpretations. It powers your decisions, your plans, the way you predict future outcomes, your faith in your ability to perform well and succeed.

If your self esteem is running low, you are much more likely to take things personally or judge yourself harshly. On those better days, you are more likely to try new things, take chances, have a more optimistic outlook or feel more confident.

Your self-esteem transmits an internal message to yourself and it may surprise you to know that this internal message can be ‘reprogrammed’ to be more helpful to you.

A combination of hypnotherapy and coaching skills may help you to achieve a lasting improvement, enabling you to step outside the boundaries of self-imposed limitations.*

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