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Why not Try Hypnosis and EFT to Stop Smoking?

So, you are ready to stop smoking and you are looking to find the best way to succeed.

Perhaps you want to quit now before you have to face another winter huddled in windy wet doorways.

Have you already tried to stop smoking, and relapsed?
Are you now getting very tired of the constant internal negotiation with yourself?
Is it time to put an end to it once and for all and stop smoking now?

Smoking Cessation
Treatments are £220 per treatment – ask me for details


3 Important facts about becoming a non-smoker:

  1. It is a completely good idea
  2. It is completely good for you
  3. It is completely do-able

It often takes less than 2 hours for you to become a non-smoker with Hypnosis.* Hypnotherapy offers you a safe, quick, painless way to end that smoking habit.

It’s quite common that when a smoker thinks about quitting, their thoughts tend to focus on the difficulties or worries about it, rather than the benefits.
“I’ll never be able to manage the cravings”
“Will I still be able to enjoy a beer without a cigarette?”
“I’ll really miss taking smoking breaks at work”
“It’s the only time I take to relax; what will I do when I quit?”

These are all fairly understandable concerns, but if you are excessively focused in that way, your subconscious mind is not going to perceive the task as a desirable or enjoyable one and it will be so much harder to succeed.

It’s much better to set yourself up for success by being continually focused on why you want to stop.
“I’m looking forward to feeling healthier”
“I’ll have so much more money”
“My kids will be so pleased”

Think about it… only need to not have one cigarette in order to become a non-smoker.

In recent years, cigarette smoking has become more and more unacceptable and many more smokers are now planning to stop smoking. Most people realise that using vaporisers, patches or gum is just another addiction.

Fewer of you are willing to stand huddled in doorways in the driving rain and wind just to feed an addiction that you know you don’t want.

Of course, it’s one thing to know that you want to be free of smoking for good but it can feel quite overwhelming to just stop using willpower alone, especially if you have already taken that route before.

This is why so many ex smokers have chosen hypnotherapy to help them to stop smoking for good. Hypnosis has an excellent track record for helping people to stop smoking*. This is because the hypnotic state of mind can influence the way that you instinctively respond to things, which is much easier than trying to do something. After hypnosis, the old addictive impulses don’t happen anymore.

Ex smokers are able to notice that their instinctive responses to being around old triggers have changed. They can comfortably be around smokers or notice that after a meal or when driving, they are simply not aware of old habits.

Using Hypnosis to free yourself from smoking is safe, pleasant and fast*. The Stop Smoking Treatment gives you up to 3 sessions.  Session 1 is the stop smoking session. Session 2 is a ’10 week top-up’ regardless of how successful you are. This is because statistics show that the greatest number of relapses occur around 3 months. You will also be offered a top-up session if it is required, between the first and last appointment. The entire package costs £220.


During the stop smoking session you will be given practical advice and tips on how you can manage yourself through the inevitable detoxification period that will follow.

Call for an appointment now and look forward to the health and financial benefits of being a non-smoker!

Why wait when you can do it now?  Read some testimonials…..

“I must say despite my doubts you have cemented this philosophy of NON-SMOKER firmly into my conscious/subconscious/internalized mind and I thank you for that gift. I felt completely comfortable and with you and knew instantly you were someone I could trust. I have handed out your card to several of my friends and I think you may get a few calls when they are ready. Once again thank you and that’s from my daughter as well”
D.B. Brighton *


“Hi Mary, Just to let you know my session worked perfectly and since I have been on a few big nights out without the want or need to light up and I (with your help) have quit the annoying habit for good. I am very pleased so thank you.” LG, Madrid.*


“Just a quick note to say that I’m smoke free and finding the going very good so far. As I tend to do, I tested myself a lot this week – I had a couple of nights out in the diary already where several beers were had and a couple of people smoked in my face. I just wasn’t interested and the thought of it actually made me feel a little queasy. I’ve had a couple of moments since, but nothing significant at all. And I don’t need to reach for my inhaler first thing in the morning already. I’m not going to get carried away but the results so far are amazing.”
A.D. – Brighton *


Mary has done something wonderful for me and my wife Jess – she made us healthier, happier, better off and full of pride. By stopping us smoking. And all in just a couple of sessions. She’s got that special something – and her hypnotherapy really works… We are so grateful to her – and would recommend her to everyone..! James

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