Short Blog for Short Attention span…..

This is an interesting exercise:


Tune in to your current thought (or train of thoughts). How are you feeling as a result of that thought?
If you are feeling good, content, pleased, excited or have any other welcome feeling then keep thinking the thoughts.

On the other hand, if you notice that your thoughts are resulting in feelings that undermine you, ask yourself this question:
“Who is it that has chosen this thought?”
Then ask yourself “If I were truly able to choose the thought that I am thinking right now, would I really choose this one?”
Then ask yourself “If I decided to choose a thought right now, what would I choose to think?”

If you just set aside 5 minutes to engage with this practice and begin to learn the skill of consciously allowing yourself to choose thoughts that feel good, you will be teaching yourself the internal language of well being.


More on the topic of thoughts later…………

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