It is the nature of my work that people who kindly provide me with positive feedback and testimonials would mostly prefer to be anonymous. All quotations below are genuine and verifiable.

Client comments about Mary Condell:

“In a field where woolly theories sometimes seem to outnumber results, it’s refreshing to meet someone whose focus is firmly on the practical. I have no hesitation in recommending Mary Condell and her approach to anyone who is committed to making significant, lasting change in their lives”
Robert Ashton, Chief Executive, EMPHASIS *

“I cannot recommend Mary highly enough. I went to see her for one visit about a difficulty I was having and together we worked through it and the problem never came back. Mary is a very gifted hypnotherapist! I’ve also worked with her as a creative coach and she was instrumental in helping me to re-find my voice.”
Susan D, Brighton
“I have seen Mary both through her wonderful Life Coaching course and on a few counselling sessions, Mary has been a great help to me by
providing a depth of clarity which comes from her superb listening skills and sense of understanding of the issues we all face from time to time.
Sometimes I already knew the answers to my questions but could not clarify them.
Mary has assisted me to recognize some of the important ones.”
M.T. Brighton *

“I cannot thank you enough for your inspiration and help. I have continued to make progress since our sessions ended and now feel absolutely wonderful”
R.H. Brighton *

“Just to say I’ve just had the job interview and felt very calm and relaxed which is just the result I wanted and I’m sure your tips helped me, so thanks again. Will let you know if I get it! “

H.N. – Brighton *

“I thought that you may be interested to know that it has now been nearly 10 weeks since I touched a drop of alcohol and I don’t miss it at all!! I have been to a wedding, two festivals, birthdays and even my own birthday bash without wanting to touch a drop. My energy levels are up, I am much more productive and it’s fantastic not having hang-overs!! Many thanks for all of your help.”
E.M. Brighton *

“Thank you so much. Things that used to worry me before just don’t seem as important to me now..”
S.P. Hove *

“I have had a very positive response to the hypnotherapy to date. My eating habits have changed dramatically. I have slowed my eating down immensely and am chewing my food for a change!! I am finding that I am no longer craving the sweet and starchy foods that I was before because I am feeling satisfied with my meals.”
E.M. Brighton *

“After the session I remembered the tips you gave me and was able to deliver the presentation with hardly any nervousness at all.”
L.W. Brighton *

“My friends can’t believe it! They said that if you can stop me smoking, you can stop anyone!”
J.T. Brighton *

“I went to see Mary because of personal problems with my confidence. I saw her about 6 times and at the end of the sessions I felt extremely confident and ready to face the world. I joked with her that I would be back in a few weeks to conquer my smoking and she told me not to worry about it, it would happen in time. Lo and behold, 4 months later I woke up one morning and just stopped smoking! We hadn’t even discussed smoking during the sessions. I have also, over the following couple of years, shed 4.5 stone in weight and got a new job. Although I can’t credit all of this to Mary, the sessions I have had with her, including visiting her last year for some re-affirmations, have given me the confidence and strength to change my life. I’ve also recommended her to two of my friends, both of whom have benefited hugely from visiting her. Try it, you’ll like it!”  DM – Haywards Heath *

“I went to see Mary Condell to seek help with stopping smoking. This she enabled me to do after two sessions and I have not smoked for about a year – after over 40 years as a smoker. ( In actual fact, the second session focussed more on ways of coping with feelings which evolved during it – and which emanated from quite deepseated issues.) I found Mary totally professional, yet compassionate – and helpful in other ways – beyond the consulting room door: e.g. providing material for my use at home (notes/CD). I would confidently recommend her to anyone who needed her type of service – and in fact have recently consulted her again on a different issue.”  RL – Hove *

“I must say despite my doubts you have cemented this philosophy of NON-SMOKER firmly into my conscious/subconscious/internalized mind and I thankyou for that gift. I felt completely comfortable and with you and knew instantly you were someone I could trust. I have handed out your card to several of my friends and I think you may get a few calls when they are ready. Once again thankyou and that’s from my daughter aswell”
D.B. Brighton *

Hi Mary, Just to let you know my session worked perfectly and since I have been on a few big nights out without the want or need to light up and I (with your help) have quit the annoying habit for good. I am very pleased so thank you. LG, Madrid *

“Just a quick note to say that I’m smoke free and finding the going very good so far. As I tend to do, I tested myself a lot this week – I had a couple of nights out in the diary already where several beers were had and a couple of people smoked in my face. I just wasn’t interested and the thought of it actually made me feel a little queasy. I’ve had a couple of moments since, but nothing significant at all. And I don’t need to reach for my inhaler first thing in the morning already. I’m not going to get carried away but the results so far are amazing.”

A.D. – Brighton*

*Disclaimer: Please be aware that the results of any treatment will vary from person to person and no specific guarantees are being made. Mary Condell always endeavours to give her best work to each client with a commitment to the best possible outcome. Please call to discuss any queries or concerns you may have.

Testimonials  about the Life Coaching course:

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course and firmly believe it has, and is, continuing to help me to achieve my goals”.  RB – Brighton

“..I just wanted you to know that I try to set up goals on a daily basis, and yesterday I had the opportunity to discuss the methods I’ve learned with you at a Xmas reunion with a bunch of people I’ve never met and everybody seemed very receptive to the few tips I gave them and I’ve encouraged them if they had the chance to get to this course (even if they think they didn’t need it!) their lifes would improve dramatically….!  IM – Brighton

“Thankyou for a fabulous course.  I felt very empowered and ready to face
my week ahead. Will miss the course and class.”  AB – Brighton

“Thought provoking and a valuable reminder to me – even though I have spent a working lifetime in the field”
S.P. – Retired Psychologist

“..and thanks again to you for being such a tremendous tutor…
have already been spreading the word of your course to all and sundry – EVERYONE should do it!!”  FN – Brighton

“The course was much more than I expected it to be. It was challenging to look at some of the areas and very helpful to do so. Great!”
A.D. – Artist

“Thank you again for such an inspirational course, it was everything and more than expected. I feel that I have learnt lessons for life and not just for 10 weeks and can’t praise you enough for you patience, understanding and fantastic teaching skills.”  MP – Brighton

“The information and strategies from this course are so straight forward that even six months on I’m still applying them with good results”
J.A. – Teacher

“Very helpful and useful for day to day living”
M.J. – Student

“This course is fantastic and I think that what you have come up with here is very special! All the best of luck with it and I hope it reaches many people”
R.W. Woodingdean


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